The Pros and Cons of Solar Power – Ask Your Santa Monica Electrician

With energy prices on the rise, and the economy in a crunch, many people are looking for new ways to help save money on their electrical bills. Although it has been around for many years, solar power is by no means a new technology. Because of the increased emphasis on the environment and the desire to save money, however, many more people are beginning to give this type of energy generation a serious look. Before deciding on a solar power system for your home, however, you should take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of owning such a system. You should also consult with an electrician in Santa Monica like H Electric to determine all of the necessary changes and installations that will be required.

Pros of Solar Energy

Solar energy is a highly renewable resource. Unlike oil and other fossil fuels, there is no limit to the supply of solar power. The only constraint that you have depends on the amount of sun that your area receives during the day. Solar energy also has a very small environmental footprint compared to other fuel types. Oil, coal, natural gas and other common fuel sources, on the other hand, are not renewable and can have harmful effects on the environment.

Another great thing about solar energy is that the panels installed by your electrician in Santa Monica CA, such as H Electric, take very little maintenance after they are installed and make no noise when they are generating electricity. In most cases, the only maintenance that you are required to perform on your solar panels is a yearly cleaning. You should also inspect them to make sure that none of the solar cells are damaged or deteriorating.

Cons of Solar Energy

Although there is a downside to every technology, there are relatively few disadvantages to using solar power. One of the greatest disadvantages is the amount of power that you can generate at any given time. This depends on a variety of factors. During storms, cloudy weather and anything else that impedes the suns rays reaching your panels, for example, the amount of power generated will be relatively low. Much of this can be avoided by proper installation and location. Your electrician Santa Monica will help you choose the best site for your panels and take care of your electrical panel upgrade.
Despite the fact that you cannot generate as much energy on days where the sun is hidden by the clouds, many electrical companies will give you the option of selling excess electricity back to the utility company on days that you generate more than you use. This means that whenever the sun is in full force, and you generate a surplus of energy, it will effectively run your meter backwards, having a very desirable effect on your electric bill. In most cases, this will more than make up for any days where you generate less power than you actually need. An electrician Santa Monica CA can help make sure that your solar panel interfaces directly with your existing electrical system so that your power usage will
switch seamlessly between on-the-grid and off-the-grid power.

If you are interested in adding solar power to your sources of electrical energy, get in touch with H Electric, a top rated residential Santa Monica electrician in your area to have them perform any necessary electrical estimates. During this time, they will assess your electrical system to see if you need an electrical upgrade, electrical rewiring or any of their other services. You may also consider other upgrades to have completed during their electrical service call, such as home lighting, having ceiling fans installed or having outlets installed. Get in touch with H Electric, a fully licensed and bonded Santa Monica electrician today, if you are interested in installing solar panels.

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