Upgrade Lighting and Save Money According to Electrician in Santa Monica

Technology has given us better and more cost effective ways of lighting our homes. However, because a lot of these new and improved lighting options are fairly new, many homes are not equipped with them. Older homes may still be using lighting options that are costing them significantly more than if they were to upgrade to the more energy efficient varieties.

If you are interested in discussing your options, H Electric can help you decide which lighting schemes would work best in your home. There are several options available and each serves a specific purpose. Installation of the various light fixtures can be handled by an electrician in Santa Monica.

Recessed Lighting
This lighting is placed into the ceiling so the light is flush with the surface. This is a popular choice for hallways, bathrooms and kitchen areas. It is typically used to add emphasis to a certain area, like a bookshelf, countertop or mirror. This is a job that will require a hole be cut into the ceiling.

Track Lighting
Track lighting is common in kitchen areas over a center island. It allows a large space to be well lit with the ability to direct light towards different areas. Some like to use track lighting in a sitting room to highlight various paintings or wall décor. Low wattage light bulbs are often used to create a soft glow. You can install this type of fixture yourself or hire an electrician. Santa Monica homes with updated lighting not only look better, but they will ultimately save money on the electric bill.

Traditional Fixtures
Upgrading your current fixtures is one way to spruce up a home. This includes chandeliers and hanging lights. The newer models allow LED bulbs to be used, which are much more energy efficient and provide more than adequate light.
Call you electrician today and get started on reducing your electric bill and giving your home a whole new look.