Choosing the Right Santa Monica Electrician for You

When you need something taken care of around your house or business, you want to hire somebody who is going to get the job done right. You need to be able to trust the person you hire to come into your home or business and essentially invade your private space. It is important you find the right company that will make you feel as if you are in good hands and your business is valuable. When you are hiring somebody to do technical work, like a Santa Monica electrician, it is even more important. Electrical work can be dangerous when left to somebody who doesn’t have the knowledge necessary to complete a job that meets safety regulations. Fortunately, you can count on the team at H Electric to meet each of the following traits.

*Reliable—You need to be confident an electrician will show up for an appointment. Electricity is pretty important and you cannot afford to put off electrical problems until somebody decides to show up.

*Licensed and Bonded-It is too dangerous to allow an unlicensed contractor into your home. You need that extra layer of comfort knowing the person working in your home has met the standards set forth by your local government. It means they have passed a knowledge test and are capable of taking care of your job. A bond is a layer of insurance for you and the contractor should anything happen to the electrician. Santa Monica homeowners whose homes are damaged or the contractor is injured will be covered by the bond.

*Professional-You want an electrician who is professional in appearance as well as demeanor. This is especially important for business owners who want to maintain a positive image. Electricians who are in uniform make them easy to identify and help achieve a professional image overall.

If you are in need of a Santa Monica electrician who meets all these requirements, give H Electric a call today.

3 Tips for Power Outages by Santa Monica Electrician

Have you experienced one of Mother Nature’s wild storms yet this summer? It can be exciting to watch lightning streak across the sky or listen to the rain pound down on the roof. However, sometimes, the weather proves to be a little too much for our power grids and we are left in the dark in the aftermath of a particularly violent storm. There are also plenty of accidents that can leave us without power for several hours while linemen work on restoring the power. What do you do in the meantime? A Santa Monica electrician has some tips to help you ride out a power outage with losing money to wasted food and damaged electronics. You can call H Electric to learn more.

1-The moment the power goes out, start unplugging your flat screen televisions, your gaming systems, computers and other appliances that have sensitive electrical components. When the power comes back on, it will surge into the house because of all the items that are plugged in demanding the electricity. This creates a spike that can damage some electronics. If you want to avoid these damaging power surges, consider having a whole-home surge protector installed by an electrician. Santa Monica residents can protect their electronics from surges that occur on a daily basis.

2-Let everybody in the house know the refrigerator and freezer need to be left closed for the time being. Opening the doors will allow the cool air to escape and your food will spoil. You can expect your refrigerator to keep your food cool for 4 hours and your freezer for 24 hours if the doors remain shut.

3-Report the outage to your electric company. Typically a hot line is set up that will provide you with information about how long the outage is expected to last.

If you have any more questions about how to deal with a power outage, give H Electric a call today.

Electric Cars Aided by Santa Monica Electrician

Every summer gas prices go up. We know it is going to happen, but when it does, it still stings. It seems like that extra $25 you were putting to the side every week vanishes as you end up putting more money into your gas tank. It is a vicious cycle, but you do have an option. You can invest in an electric car. However, an electric car will not do you a lot of good if it is never charged. If you are considering purchasing an electric car, you may also want to think about hiring a Santa Monica electrician to install a special outlet for a Level II electric car charger. The team at H Electric can help you with this.

You may have realized electric car chargers are not all the same. The standard charger that is often sold with an electric car is a Level I. This charger will charge your new electric car, but it will take about 24 hours to do that. If your car isn’t charged, you will need to rely on gas, which defeats the purpose of buying electric car in the first place. To be fair, the Level I is much less expensive than the Level II, which is often a major selling point.

However, for those who drive their cars five days a week or run a lot of errands and simply can’t leave their electric car on the charger for a full 24 hours, the faster charger is worth the extra cost. The Level II chargers require more electricity to charge and will need a 240-volt outlet, which will need to be installed by an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners can choose to have the outlet installed in a garage, carport or wherever the car will be parked. If you would like more information about the fast car chargers or have questions about the outlets, give H Electric a call today.

Spring Into Summer with Ceiling Fan Says Santa Monica Electrician

It is time to make those little improvements around the house you have been putting off throughout the winter. One of the jobs you should strongly consider is the installation of a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan adds beauty to your living room, bedroom or dining room. It isn’t all about the beauty of a room. There is also a financial reason to have a ceiling fan installed. They can save you money on your electric bill by reducing your heating and cooling costs. How you ask? A Santa Monica electrician is here to explain it all to you. If you have more questions, give H Electric a call.

During the summer months, hot air often gets trapped near the ceiling. This can make a room a little stuffy and uncomfortable. Your first reaction is probably to turn up the AC. This is going to cost you money. Instead of reaching for the thermostat, turn on a ceiling fan. The fan will pull the stagnant air up while creating a breeze that keeps you a little more comfortable. This will keep you from heading for the thermostat.

During the winter, the fan works just the opposite and pushes the hot air back down into the room to keep you warm. A ceiling fan requires much less electricity to run than a furnace or air conditioner. You will need to have the ceiling fan installed by an electrician. Santa Monica residents can have a single fan installed or several throughout the house for added energy savings. Most fans are equipped with lights so your electrician can swap out the existing light fixture with the ceiling fan. Many fans on the market today are equipped with remote controls for those with vaulted ceilings. If you are ready to schedule your ceiling fan installation, give H Electric a call today.

Spring has Sprung–Electrician in Santa Monica is Here to Help

You can probably already hear the sounds of springs as well as the visible signs like tulips sprouting and preparing to bloom along with all the other flowering trees that are preparing to bestow us with their beauty. You can’t help but want to get out in the yard and start preparing your flower beds and landscaping for another spring season. If you have been thinking about getting electric lights in your landscaping, there is no time like the present to do so. Give your electrician in Santa Monica a call today and get a jumpstart on your spring landscaping needs. The team at H Electric is here to help you.

You may have been using solar lights in the past and have probably discovered they are not always reliable. The installation is certainly easy enough, but unfortunately, the lights don’t always stay lit throughout the night or they grow weak after just a few hours. Landscape lighting is meant to provide a level of safety to your yard as well as enhance the beauty of those flower beds you have been working on.

You can avoid the fading light problem by contacting your local electrician. Santa Monica homeowners can opt to have electric landscape lighting installed that stays bright all night long. The lights take a little more work to install than the solar lights, but they are also more flexible. Meaning, you can place electric lights under trees, brush and shady areas without worrying about the sun charging the light. An electrician will install a timer during the installation process. This will allow you to set the lights to come on at dusk and off at dawn. If you are ready to add another level of beauty to your yard, give H Electric a call today and schedule your landscape lighting installation.

Professional Assistance for the Little Jobs Says Santa Monica Electrician

There are plenty of little things you can do around the house, but when it comes to some of those little jobs that involve electricity, it is best to leave it the professionals. The cost savings you think you are getting by changing out that light fixture or replacing that faulty outlet are voided when something goes wrong. An experienced electrician in Santa Monica, like those at H Electric, can take care of all those jobs for you in a manner that is safe and professional.

Some of the common jobs that you may be tempted to do yourself include changing out outlets that don’t seem to work right. The outlets are faulty for a reason and simply changing one out could be a band-aid for a bigger problem. It is best an electrician checks out the situation and determines whether it is truly a faulty outlet that may not be wired correctly or if the problem is something much bigger that may involve the electric panel.
While the electrician is replacing outlets, you should strongly consider having your current kitchen and bathroom outlets upgraded to GFI outlets if they are not already. These are the standard in new home construction and can help prevent electric shock in areas that are prone to water.

Another job you may want to try on your own is replacing an old light fixture. This is something a Santa Monica electrician can do and you will have the peace of mind knowing it is installed correctly without worry about the wiring. Replacing light switches or adding dimmer switches is something your electrician can do while the fixture is being installed.

If you have any other odd jobs that you want completed, but are not familiar with electricity, give H Electric a call today and schedule an appointment.

Backup Generators Installed by Santa Monica Electrician

We have become extremely dependent on electricity. We expect to flip a light switch and have a room illuminated. We want to be able to check our email, Facebook and the news via our electronic gadgets any time of the day or night. To do this, they need to be charged—with electricity. When the power goes out and that lifeline is gone, it can be excruciating. Everything we do comes to back having power at the ready. Would you like to learn more about having a backup power supply for those times when the power grid is down? A Santa Monica electrician is here to tell you about standby generators. At H Electric, the team is prepared to help you add a safety net to your home with the installation of a generator.

A standby generator is basically an additional fixture for your home. It is typically installed in the back of the home or on the side. It is enclosed in a metal box that looks similar to an electrical box. It will be wired into your home’s main electric panel by an electrician. Santa Monica residents will not have to do anything once the power goes out. The generator will include a power monitoring switch that is constantly monitoring the home’s main power. If the power grid goes down, the cut in power automatically triggers the standby generator to fire off and restore power to the home.

There are varying sizes of generators. You will need to choose one depending on the size of your home and how many appliances you will want powered. Many people choose to have the entire home powered so everything is business as usual. This is a choice you will have to discuss with your electrician. The bigger the generator the higher the cost. Give H Electric a call today to learn more about adding a layer of protection to your home.

New Year, New Lighting with Santa Monica Electrician

With the New Year upon us, it gives us a burst of energy. We want to make things fresh and new again, including our homes. It may not be feasible to paint the living room or run out and buy new furniture, but you can make your home look new again by changing up the overall look with the help of your Santa Monica electrician. Lighting upgrades are fairly inexpensive and can make a world of difference to an existing space. At H Electric, the team is ready to work with you to give your home a bit of a facelift.

New lighting can make your dark kitchen look exciting, modern and more inviting. Your living room furniture will look brighter if you so choose or you can go for a darker, more intimate feel. The possibilities are endless. Imagine a gorgeous new chandelier hanging over your dining room table or in the foyer. The first thing guests will see when they enter your home is a pretty chandelier.

These are all little fixes that you can accomplish with the help of an electrician. Santa Monica residents will have the freedom of choosing the right fixture that works for you. There are plenty of lighting stores around for you to browse through as you look for that one light that will transform your space into one you can be proud of. There are a variety of styles and designs available.

Recessed lighting fits right into your ceiling and the bulb ends up being flush with the ceiling. Track lighting gives you the freedom of having one fixture take care of an entire length or width of space with the freedom to direct the light where you want it. Take your time and look around at the various designs and decide what will work best for you. When you are ready, give H Electric a call and have your new light fixtures installed by a professional.

Stopping Phantom Power by Santa Monica Electrician

If you are trying to cut your power bill and seem to be at a loss as for what more you can do, a Santa Monica electrician has some sage advice for you. Learn about phantom power and how you can stop it from costing you money on your power bill every month. You can easily save anywhere from a few dollars to much more every month by changing your habits. The team at H Electric is here to help you keep as much money as possible in your family coffers.

Phantom power is defined as the electrical current that is constantly being drawn from any appliance or device that is plugged into a socket. Although it is not a great deal of electricity being used by a cell phone charger that has nothing charging, it is still something. And as you know, every little bit helps. You can eliminate some of the wasted electricity in your home by just taking a few extra seconds every day and unplugging the things you are not using. You don’t need to leave your cell phone charger plugged in all day while you are gone. The same can be said for the various appliances sitting on the kitchen counter explains an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners should take an inventory of what is on the counter right now and decide what can be unplugged during the day or at night while in bed.

You can save yourself some time and frustration by plugging your computer equipment into a power strip. This is also a good idea for your entertainment system devices like television, gaming systems, DVD players and so on. Simply turn off the power strip when you leave the house in the morning after you have powered down your computer. Unplug the laptop charger from the wall as well. These actions will save you anywhere from a few dollars to much more depending on how many electrical devices you normally leave plugged in. If you would like to learn more give H Electric a call today.

Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors Installed by Santa Monica Electrician

You have probably gone to great lengths to protect your family when they are at home and even when they are away. You tell the kids to wear the coats and you wear your seatbelt in the car. All of your efforts are great, but could you be doing more? A fairly easy line of protection you can add to your home is some hard-wired smoke detectors. A Santa Monica electrician like those at H Electric can take care of the installation of this effective line of protection in your home.

Hard-wired detectors work the same as the typical battery-powered smoke detectors, but they are wired directly into your home’s main power. This means you don’t have to worry about batteries going dead or being “borrowed” and leaving your home vulnerable to a home fire. However, the detectors do have battery backups that will keep your home protected during a power outage.

Another major benefit to the hard-wired smoke detectors is the fact they are all linked together by an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners will appreciate the fact every detector is wired together. When one smoke detector goes off, they all do. This provides valuable time for residents in each part of the house. Whether somebody is in a second-floor bedroom or in the garage, each person will hear the smoke detector and be able to get out of the house in the event of a fire.

It is recommended a smoke detector be placed on every level of the house, but it doesn’t hurt to add a few more to areas that are prone to fire like the garage or kitchen. While considering the hard-wired smoke detectors, you may also want to think about installing a carbon monoxide detector as well. These are especially beneficial in the garage or in a home that uses natural gas for heating. Give H Electric a call today and schedule your installation.