Stopping Phantom Power by Santa Monica Electrician

If you are trying to cut your power bill and seem to be at a loss as for what more you can do, a Santa Monica electrician has some sage advice for you. Learn about phantom power and how you can stop it from costing you money on your power bill every month. You can easily save anywhere from a few dollars to much more every month by changing your habits. The team at H Electric is here to help you keep as much money as possible in your family coffers.

Phantom power is defined as the electrical current that is constantly being drawn from any appliance or device that is plugged into a socket. Although it is not a great deal of electricity being used by a cell phone charger that has nothing charging, it is still something. And as you know, every little bit helps. You can eliminate some of the wasted electricity in your home by just taking a few extra seconds every day and unplugging the things you are not using. You don’t need to leave your cell phone charger plugged in all day while you are gone. The same can be said for the various appliances sitting on the kitchen counter explains an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners should take an inventory of what is on the counter right now and decide what can be unplugged during the day or at night while in bed.

You can save yourself some time and frustration by plugging your computer equipment into a power strip. This is also a good idea for your entertainment system devices like television, gaming systems, DVD players and so on. Simply turn off the power strip when you leave the house in the morning after you have powered down your computer. Unplug the laptop charger from the wall as well. These actions will save you anywhere from a few dollars to much more depending on how many electrical devices you normally leave plugged in. If you would like to learn more give H Electric a call today.