Backup Generators Installed by Santa Monica Electrician

We have become extremely dependent on electricity. We expect to flip a light switch and have a room illuminated. We want to be able to check our email, Facebook and the news via our electronic gadgets any time of the day or night. To do this, they need to be charged—with electricity. When the power goes out and that lifeline is gone, it can be excruciating. Everything we do comes to back having power at the ready. Would you like to learn more about having a backup power supply for those times when the power grid is down? A Santa Monica electrician is here to tell you about standby generators. At H Electric, the team is prepared to help you add a safety net to your home with the installation of a generator.

A standby generator is basically an additional fixture for your home. It is typically installed in the back of the home or on the side. It is enclosed in a metal box that looks similar to an electrical box. It will be wired into your home’s main electric panel by an electrician. Santa Monica residents will not have to do anything once the power goes out. The generator will include a power monitoring switch that is constantly monitoring the home’s main power. If the power grid goes down, the cut in power automatically triggers the standby generator to fire off and restore power to the home.

There are varying sizes of generators. You will need to choose one depending on the size of your home and how many appliances you will want powered. Many people choose to have the entire home powered so everything is business as usual. This is a choice you will have to discuss with your electrician. The bigger the generator the higher the cost. Give H Electric a call today to learn more about adding a layer of protection to your home.