Quick and Easy Ways to Save Electricity Says Electrician in Santa Monica

Would you like to have an extra $20 to $40 in your bank account each month? Of course you would! You can add the money to your grocery fund or put it away for a rainy day. No matter what you decide to do with it, it just makes sense to reduce spending on things you are not using like wasted electricity. An electrician in Santa Monica has some advice on how to reduce your monthly electric bill and put a little more money in your pocket every month. You can always call H Electric to learn more about energy savings.

*Enforce the practice of shutting off lights, televisions, gaming systems and radios when not in use.
*If you are going to be gone for the day at work or school, unplug all of your small appliances, gadget chargers and computer equipment. This will reduce your use of phantom power.
*Have a Santa Monica electrical safety inspection to evaluate your home’s current wiring to determine whether you need upgrades to avoid costly damage to your appliances.
*Reduce the length of your current regular shower by a few minutes. When you add up 3 minutes 7 days a week, that is about 2 showers per week you can save and reduce the need for your water heater to heat water.
*Only wash full loads of clothes in the washer and use cold water whenever possible.
*Use the air dry cycle on the dishwasher.
*Consider using LED lights to reduce your lighting costs.
*Install a ceiling fan to cut down on the need for the air conditioner in the summer and the furnace in the winter.
*Line dry your clothing or invest in a drying rack to dry your clothes overnight or while you are at work.

These are just a few things you can do today to save a little money every month. If you would like more tips or would like to have a ceiling fan installed, give H Electric a call today.

4 Fabulous Tips for Energy Savings by Electrician in Santa Monica

There is always something you could do with a few extra dollars in your pocket. Maybe you want to treat your sweetie to a night out or buy your kid that new game they have been asking for. It can be difficult to find places to cut in the budget to increase your disposable cash. An electrician in Santa Monica has a few suggestions. At H Electric, we work to help customers achieve the results they want and energy savings is just one of our areas of expertise.

The following tips are some of the things you can to start doing today to save you money on your electric bill and thus increasing the money in your pocket.

1-One of the most obvious answers is to turn off appliances, games, lights and etc…when not in use. Take it a step further and unplug the smaller things to save on phantom power draws.
2-Keep your air conditioner, furnace, refrigerators and other large appliances in good working condition. Ensure filters are cleaned regularly. A poorly running appliance will work harder, thus costing you more money on your electric bill.
3-Begin replacing outdated appliances with new energy efficient appliances with the Energy Star label. This is an investment that will probably need to be implemented over time, but it is pays off in the long run.
4-Use a ceiling fan in the summer and winter to reduce the need for the AC or heater to run all the time. This is a job for an electrician. Santa Monica residents can use the ceiling fan throughout the year for excellent energy savings.

These are just a few of the things you can do to start saving money today. If you would like to learn more about energy savings tips or would like to have an electrician install a ceiling fan, give H Electric a call today.