Power Outage 101 by Electrician in Santa Monica

Oh no! The power is out! Right in the middle of your favorite television show and in the middle of dinner being cooked. Argh! What do you do? Your electrician in Santa Monica can’t make you dinner or tell you what happened on your show, but there is some other valuable information to be passed along. The staff at H Electric can also give you some pointers. In most cases, the loss of power is not going to extend much past a couple of hours. In this day and age, our electric companies are on top of things and manage to get it restored fairly quickly. However, you still need to take care of a few things when the power goes out to ensure your electronics are protected and you don’t waste food.

Santa Monica electrical companies advise you to immediately unplug your computer, laptop charger, game consoles and televisions from the wall. When the power does come back, there will be a surge as it comes rushing into your home. These electronics are sensitive to even the smallest power surges and can be ruined if they are plugged in when the power kicks on.

Don’t head to the refrigerator and start scrounging around for something to eat. Opening and closing the fridge door lets the cool air escape. If your power outage extends past a couple of hours, it will lose the cool air and you risk your food being spoiled. If you can leave your door shut, you have about a 4 hour grace period on your refrigerator and 24 hours for your freezer.

If it is chilly out, grab a blanket and your coat to stay warm. It helps if you close the doors to any rooms you are not using. Keep everybody in one room to trap the body heat generated. Grab a deck of cards or your favorite board game and enjoy some time with the family. If you have any other questions about what to do in a power outage, give H Electric a call.

Goodbye Incandescent, Hello CFLs; Electrician in Santa Monica Explains

There has been a lot of talk lately about getting rid of the incandescent light bulbs that are currently very popular on store shelves, but are being phased out per new laws. These lights are extraordinarily cheap and have become a part of our lives. But things change, and it is time to ditch those electric hogs and opt for something a little more energy efficient. Compact Florescent Light bulbs are here to stay and they will save you money in the long run. Do not fear the change from incandescent to the funny, spiral CFLs. Your electrician in Santa Monica is here to tell you how wonderful these lights truly are. H Electric can answer any other questions you may have about the different light bulbs.

There are a few downsides to the CFLs that people tend to dwell on. The funny shape makes it difficult to use the bulbs in certain light fixtures. They are also not always compatible with dimmer switches. And lastly, they do take a few seconds to become fully lit after being turned on and when they are, some tend to cast a bit of a bluish light. The first problem can be fixed with the help of an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners can have an old outdated light fixture replaced with a newer fixture that is more energy efficient. Combined with the more energy efficient CFLs, you will be saving a great deal of money.

The benefits to switching to CFLs makes up for the minor drawbacks. The spiral-shaped bulbs last 10 times longer than their counterparts. The lights use 75 percent less electricity than the incandescent varieties, which can save you about 15 to 25 dollars a month on your electric bill. These bulbs are not the answer to every problem, but CFLs are certainly worth giving a try. If you would like to learn more about upgrading your light fixtures, give H Electric a call today.

4 Fabulous Tips for Energy Savings by Electrician in Santa Monica

There is always something you could do with a few extra dollars in your pocket. Maybe you want to treat your sweetie to a night out or buy your kid that new game they have been asking for. It can be difficult to find places to cut in the budget to increase your disposable cash. An electrician in Santa Monica has a few suggestions. At H Electric, we work to help customers achieve the results they want and energy savings is just one of our areas of expertise.

The following tips are some of the things you can to start doing today to save you money on your electric bill and thus increasing the money in your pocket.

1-One of the most obvious answers is to turn off appliances, games, lights and etc…when not in use. Take it a step further and unplug the smaller things to save on phantom power draws.
2-Keep your air conditioner, furnace, refrigerators and other large appliances in good working condition. Ensure filters are cleaned regularly. A poorly running appliance will work harder, thus costing you more money on your electric bill.
3-Begin replacing outdated appliances with new energy efficient appliances with the Energy Star label. This is an investment that will probably need to be implemented over time, but it is pays off in the long run.
4-Use a ceiling fan in the summer and winter to reduce the need for the AC or heater to run all the time. This is a job for an electrician. Santa Monica residents can use the ceiling fan throughout the year for excellent energy savings.

These are just a few of the things you can do to start saving money today. If you would like to learn more about energy savings tips or would like to have an electrician install a ceiling fan, give H Electric a call today.

Electric Upgrades Best Completed by Electrician in Santa Monica

You have probably made a bit of a mental list in your head of some of the little things you would like to do around your home to make it just a little better for you and your family. Weekends are often the time we catch up on those little tasks that always seem to keep us busy. It can be rewarding to take care of some projects around the house on your own. However, there are some projects and upgrades you will need to leave to an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners have made investments with their home purchases that should never be risked by performing work that should be handled by a professional.

There are some minor electrical upgrades that although they are simple enough and can make your home more energy efficient, safer and more valuable, the work should be handled by an electrician. The following are some of the small jobs you can call on H Electric to handle for you.

*Replace older existing outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms with GFI outlets that are designed to be safer in areas where water is present.

*Add dimmer switches to areas where maximum light is not always necessary. Dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms do not always need to be bathed in light and could benefit from a dimmer switch.

*Upgrade and replace light fixtures that are outdated or no longer safe. New energy efficient light fixtures can help save you money on your electric bill while giving a room a bit of a facelift.

*An electrician in Santa Monica can install ceiling fans in your home to help lessen the need to rely on your furnace in the winter and air conditioner in the summer.

These are just some of the small jobs the electricians at H Electric can take care of for you. Give us a call today and let us help you cross off items on your to-do list.

Invest in Ceiling Fan Installed by Electrician in Santa Monica

When you undertake a home improvement project, you are likely hoping for a return on your investment. Remodels and upgrades around your home add value and thus increase the ability to sell it for a profit. There are other things you can do to make your home more comfortable while you live in it and can help you save money in the immediate future. Why not enjoy the immediate return on the investment you put into buying and installing a ceiling fan?

You electrician in Santa Monica can take care of the installation process for you. This is always a good idea because of the electricity involved. H Electric has the electricians you need to handle this job professionally and in a timely manner.

Ceiling fans are an excellent way to save some money on your electric bill. The fans are much more energy efficient than an air conditioner or furnace. You can turn down your heater or turn up the AC by a few degrees and still maintain a level of comfort that you can appreciate.

During the winter months, the fan pushes the hot air that rises to the top of a room down into the living space. It also circulates the warm air, which tells the thermostat the room is at the proper temperature and it will not kick on the furnace. In the summer months, the fan works just the opposite. The blades pull the hot air up and out of the room and push it towards the ceiling while creating a breeze that keeps you cool.

The fans typically include lights and can be easily put in the place a current light fixture is installed by your electrician. Santa Monica residents can buy a ceiling fan at a hardware store and then give H Electric a call to have a qualified professional complete the installation.

Generators and What They Can do For You Explains Electrician in Santa Monica

Standby generators are quickly becoming more common as homeowners recognize the benefit to having their own personal backup power supply. The power grid is not infallible and it seems like when you need power the most, it goes out. Peak usage can often overload a power grid resulting in an outage. If you want to avoid doing without power, you may want to consider having a standby generator installed by an electrician. Santa Monica home and business owners can call H Electric to learn more about generator installation services.

Although portable generators are an option, they are often not ideal for those who are not up to the task of wheeling the thing out and hooking up the various extension cords to the refrigerator and what not. One of the major bonuses of the portable generators is their price and portability.

Generators can be used to power your entire home or a few key appliances. Smaller generators are less expensive and are often deemed adequate. You could run your refrigerator, a few lights and a television all at once. When you think of generator size, you could safely imagine a scale of small to large. Medium-size generators would give you the freedom to the above along with a few kitchen appliances.

If you want your air conditioning unit, furnace or well pump in addition to the basic necessities, you will need to buy a larger generator. Business owners will likely have electronic equipment that needs powered and will also need to go with a larger generator. There are some more technical aspects to consider when you are choosing a generator. These are things you can discuss with your electrician in Santa Monica.

Give H Electric a call to discuss your options. If you would like to learn more about the generator sizes and what size you need for your home, give us a call today.

Cut Your Electric Bill with Solar Panel Installation by Electrician in Santa Monica

You have probably already experienced the shock at receiving an electric bill that was much higher than you anticipated. Learning how to minimize your electric usage helps somewhat, but it may not be enough to make a real difference. Sometimes, turning off the lights and unplugging your appliances when not in use is not enough. You may want to consider solar power. Before you envision massive solar panels placed around your yard, relax. We have come a long way, and the solar panels today are nothing like they were 20 years ago.

Your electrician in Santa Monica can explain more about your options. In today’s world, solar power is becoming more mainstream as homeowners scramble to move to a more environmentally-friendly and more cost effective way of powering their homes. H Electric has staff trained in installing the latest and greatest solar equipment you need to get your home more reliant on the sun’s energy.

Panels are relatively small and can be placed directly on your home’s roof. Some of the newer panels are designed to look like shingles and can be chosen to match any style of home. They are aesthetically appealing and will typically not violate any homeowner association covenants.

You don’t have to rely solely on solar power if you choose to go this route. Your home would still be connected to the main power grid. Essentially, you are just lightening the load a bit by using solar power during the daylight hours when your home only needs the basic power supply. This can all be a little confusing, but it is well worth the phone call to learn more.

The solar power system is installed by an electrician. Santa Monica residents can rely on the friendly personnel at H Electric to answer questions about solar panel installation. Give us a call today and learn how you can really cut your electric bill down with the help of solar power.

Arm Your Home with Surge Protector Installed by Santa Monica Electrician

Although the chances of lightning striking close enough to your home to actually cause a power surge is rare, it is possible. The type of power surge that can have a devastating effect on your electronic equipment is much more subtle and is not always noticed right away. Small fluctuations in the power supply to your home are much more dangerous to your expensive appliances. You may not immediately notice any issues, until the device quits working long before it should have.

Your Santa Monica electrician does have a solution to help guard your computers, video software and appliances against these small surges. A whole home surge protector is an option many homeowners are taking advantage of. H Electric has the knowledge and experience you can trust to take care of installing a surge protector for your home.

The unit is placed outside your home near the breaker panel. This prevents the surges whether it be a standard fluctuation or a lightning strike from entering your home and destroying your equipment. While these protective devices are very effective, when it comes to protecting things like your computers, televisions and expensive gaming consoles, you can never have too much protection.

An electrician in Santa Monica also recommends you use power strips with built in surge protection inside the home as well. This is another layer of defense you can add without the help of an electrician. You probably already use these surge protectors. Do not quit using them once you have your whole house surge protector installed.

You will want to discuss what size of protector you need. It is also a good idea to install surge protectors on your phone and cable lines to prevent damage from happening through those connections. If you are interested in learning more about protecting your home against unexpected power surges, give H Electric a call today.

Home Office Additions Require Electrician in Santa Monica

When you buy a home, it is pretty common for you to imagine the different ways of decorating and how you would like to essentially sculpt the home to fit your needs. It is rare you will find the absolute perfect house of your dreams, unless you have it built from the ground up. Even if your dream home is the one you imagined, as life goes on and things change, your needs may change. Maybe you need a bigger kitchen or an additional bathroom or have decided to work from home and need an office. These are all things an electrician in Santa Monica can help you with.

The staff at H Electric has the training you need when you are embarking on a remodel. Even if you are doing a lot of the work yourself, the wiring in your remodeled space will need to be handled by a competent electrician. In fact, any remodeling work, including the electrical portion, will need to be inspected and signed off by a county officer. You do not want to waste the officer’s time by doing it wrong and having to start all over. This can be costly.

If you are installing a home office, it is entirely likely you will need additional outlets to handle the necessary equipment. If you are converting an old bedroom into the office, you will not need to do much in the way of remodeling, but you will need an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners will need the services of an electrician to install additional outlets as well as another phone line or data cable. Additional or upgraded light fixtures are also a common upgrade for home offices.

If you need to update or remodel any room in your home, you can call H Electric. The staff is ready to answer any questions you may have and get you set up with an appointment.

Slow or Fast Electric Car Charger? Electrician in Santa Monica Explains

Owners of electric cars have probably realized it is essential to have a home charging station. Although there are plenty of public stations, it is not always convenient to leave your home to charge up your electric car. Charging stations are available in two distinct sizes, the slow-trickle charge that you could plug into any outlet you currently have in your garage or the faster chargers that will require the services of an electrician. Santa Monica electric car owners will want to explore their options before making a charging station decision.

Trickle Chargers

These chargers run on a 120-volt circuit and can be plugged in pretty much anywhere in the home. Using a trickle charger essentially means the battery is slowly charged up. Typically, it will take about 8-20 hours depending on how big the car’s battery is and how often the car is driven. If you are using one of lower voltage chargers, please note it is never okay to use an extension cord. If you do not have an outlet within reach of the charger’s cord, your electrician can add one for you.

Fast Chargers

In our fast-paced world, these chargers are often more preferable for the busy electric car owner. Most cars are charged within 8 hours when using one of these high-powered stations. This type of electric car charger runs on 240-volts, which will require a dedicated breaker. To give you an idea, this is the kind of outlet you would see in the laundry room to run your dryer or air conditioning unit. This will require an electrician in Santa Monica to install the new breaker. Electric car owners can call H Electric to get a quote for a new 240-volt outlet installed.

The electrician will determine whether the current electric panel can support an additional breaker and if not, discuss an electric panel upgrade with you. Call H Electric today to discover what options you have.