Saving Electricity with your Electrician in Santa Monica

There are many reasons why you would want to save electricity. Perhaps you are trying to save money on your utility bills each month, or maybe you just want to do your part to live a more green lifestyle and reduce the negative impact you have on our environment. No matter what the reason, saving electricity is something you have decided to do. There are more ways to save than just flipping off lights when you leave a room! Some of these methods may require assistance from your electrician Santa Monica, while others are methods you can utilize yourself. Consider all of these reasons and see if there is a way you can keep from paying too much for your electricity each month!

Unplug items that are not in use, especially if they have a standby mode. It would surprise you how much electricity something like a video game system will use, even when it is not under active use. This also works with chargers that are not being used. You may save a few dollars each year if you just unplug the cell phone charger when it is not being used.

Turn down your water heater a couple of degrees. This is a way you can save on energy use that you may not even notices. If you do not use water at its highest temperature often, much of the heated water will go to waste anyway. Along the same lines, is there any way you can get by with your home’s temperature a couple of degrees closer to the outdoor temperature? In hot or cold weather this can make a difference.

Saving electricity is easier than you may think. A good electrician in Santa Monica, such as one of the experts at H Electric can help you come up with further ideas for saving electricity—you will be glad you did!

Santa Monica Electrician Knows If It’s Time to Switch to LED Lighting

Over the last few years, lighting technologies have changed in leaps and bounds. While the incandescent bulb was the standard for many years, more energy efficient options such as the Compact Fluorescent (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) have become more available, more popular and more affordable. As more people try to both lower their electric bills and reduce their impact on the environment, LED lighting has increased in demand rapidly over the last couple years. Because of this, lighting suppliers have responded and are creating more LED bulbs than ever before.

Why Switch?

There are many reasons to switch to an LED bulb, regardless of whether you are lighting a small home or a large business. One of the greatest benefits that the LED offers is its superior lifespan. The average LED light will last about 100,000 hours. This means that a single LED bulb could last as long as 11 years. Chances are, you’ll probably have your electrician in Santa Monica in to change out the fixture before you change out your bulb. In addition to their long lifespan, LEDs use substantially less electricity than incandescent and much less than a CFL. As a result, switching to LEDs uses less electricity and lasts longer.

What About Price?

Price is often one of the most prohibitive factors when it comes to switching to LEDs. Despite their extensive lifespan and attractive electrical usage, LED bulbs are still much more expensive than alternatives. Because of this, many people do not choose them when replacing their bulbs. To combat this, you can either remind yourself that the bulbs will last longer and use less electricity, or attempt to find price reductions by buying in bulk.

If you have any questions about LEDs, or need some help buying and installing new bulbs, give us a call at H Electric.