Santa Monica Electrician – Protecting Your Electrical System from Rodents

Rodents can be a huge bother if they get into your home. They nibble on boxes and food in your cupboards, chew through your walls and cause all other sorts of damage that is definitely unwanted. You may be aware of these damages, but are you aware of the damages that a few rodents can cause to your electrical wiring? This type of damage can be hard to detect. You may not even find it until it results in dangerous shorts or electrical fires.

Any size rodent can get into your home through a seemingly impassible hole or crevasse. Whenever these rodents start targeting your electrical system, you are in trouble. Though you may think that you have fixed the problem, all it takes is a single frayed wire to cause a huge issue. Although some people believe that rodents like to chew on electrical wiring, it is really because rodents must constantly chew in order to keep their teeth filed down. Whenever they choose to do this on your nicely insulated electrical wires, this becomes quite a problem for any homeowner.

Your wiring is covered in a thick plastic insulation in order to both contain heat and keep the inner wires from coming into contact with other conductive materials. When the rodents chew on this insulation, it begins to wear away, leading to exposed wiring. In order to fix this, you must have an electrician in Santa Monica come out and asses your electrical system for damage. They can then fix the damaged areas of your electrical system. In addition to having the damage fixed, you must take steps to remove the pests from your home and keep them out if at all possible. Fixing the damage does you no good if they come right back and chew again.

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