Santa Monica Electrician: One You Can Count On

Well, 2012 has arrived with the normal New Year’s fanfare, but will the year live up to it’s predictions? Will the end of the Mayan calendar affect us, will we all go through a spiritual enlightenment or will we have a major blackout on the planet when solar flares interrupt electrical power? Reminiscent of the transition to the new millennium in 2000, some people have concerns about the lights staying on, even the biggest light bulb of all – the sun. In this age of advancing technology, where things are subject to change hourly, we all want something we can count on. At least, that is what I observe here in Santa Monica, California every night when the sun sets just like it is supposed to.

We all have our priorities, and they include those things we count on. You know, like:

* The sun will rise at the expected time

* The car will start when you turn the key

* There will always be one piece of chocolate left when you crave it

* When you flip the switch, the light turns on

* Good customer service

This translates to needing a candy store, mechanic and electrician in Santa Monica, all whom deliver outstanding customer service you can count on after the sun comes up.

Maybe this explains why the second day of my new year was very confusing. It seemed like morning when I awoke, but it was still dark. My digital clock had no numbers and the heat pump had failed to start. I figured the electricity was out, but where was the sun? The flashlight on my headboard would not work, and my chocolate stash next to the bed was missing. I decided to go through my mental checklist as listed previously, which included starting the car. It not only refused to start, my back up chocolate, normally in the center console, was gone. I thought to myself, it’s time to call an electrician in Santa Monica.

I knew there was no chance of asking the internet to respond to a search of “electrician, Santa Monica CA,” but I decided that the electrical issue was a good place to start, so I pulled out the Yellow Pages and finally found a flashlight that worked. My cell phone was dead, but I was able to call with my land line. When I told the Santa Monica electrician at H Electric my problem, he saw immediately it was urgent and promised me someone would be at my door within the hour. I forgot to ask him about the sun.

Fortunately, the Santa Monica electrician arrived soon; it was very dark and I was eager to hear his opinion about the sun dilemma. We got so involved discussing all the electrical troubleshooting, that I did not even realize until after he left that the sun was shining high in the sky. However, now I have a whole house surge protector, some old outlets replaced, new landscape lighting and a panel upgrade. He is coming back next week to improve connections with my telephone and cable. He also referred me to a mechanic less than a mile away, and it is real close to my favorite candy store. I can count on good customer service with this electrician in Santa Monica anytime. In fact, H Electric’s customer service just might outshine the sun itself.

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