Santa Monica Electrician – Keeping Children Safe Around Electrical Outlets

As your children grow from infants into toddler, it becomes very important to protect them from many of the dangerous aspects of our home. One of the most fundamental ways to do this is by protecting all electrical outlets with tamper proof covers, to ensure that they do not get so curious about the outlet that they stick a conductive toy into the outlet itself. Whenever a child sticks a finger or other foreign object, it exposes them to a significant risk of being shocked or burned. To reduce these risks, there are a variety of different solutions available, either for you to install yourself or with the help of your electrician in Santa Monica, that can help you improve the safety in your home.

It is estimated that each year more than 2,400 children will be injured after placing metal objects into electrical outlets. More than 95% of these injuries will result in burns, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). While these burns will range widely in severity, some will result in serious or deadly injuries. Even when a child receives only a minor burn, they can be left traumatized. Because a child’s skin is thin, it offers much less protection than an adult’s skin. This means that any burn to a child’s skin is much more serious than one to an adult.

Even if you think that you provide sufficient supervision for your child, it is estimated that 70% of all of these injuries occur while an adult is watching them. All it takes is one quick second and a very inquisitive child to result in an electrical injury. Protect yourself and protect your children by taking the appropriate steps to keep them safe. If you need any help, advice or guidance, visit the H Electric website at

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