Maximize Your Electric Car–Electrician in Santa Monica Explains

Electric cars are quickly growing in popularity as gas prices jump all over the board. Commuters are looking for options that will not cost them an arm and a leg. Electric cars are economical and environmentally friendly. One of the biggest issues people have with electric cars is charging them up to a point the charge will last throughout the day. If you are somebody who is constantly on the go, it may be nearly impossible to leave your car plugged in for a full 24 hours so it can get completely charged. An electrician in Santa Monica has a solution to that problem. H Electric has a team of electricians who can put the solution to work for you.

A Level II electric car charger is more expensive than the typical Level I, but the first is a much faster charger. Instead of waiting around for a full 24 hours, your electric car is fully charged overnight. The Level II charger is a fast charging system, while the Level I is a trickle charger. In order for the Level II system to work, it needs more electricity to operate than its counterpart.

This is why you need an electrician who is familiar with Santa Monica electrical work. The fast charger will need to be plugged into a 240-volt outlet. This is the kind of outlet you would plug your air conditioner or dryer into. Most houses do not have an extra 240-volt outlet in the garage. Your electrician will need to put one in for you. Before that can happen, the electrician will need to evaluate your electrical panel to make sure it can support an additional breaker. If you are ready to make your life a little easier, give H Electric a call today and schedule your appointment.

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