Electricity Safety Tips by Electrician in Santa Monica

Because we depend so heavily on electricity, we need to be aware of the dangers it poses. For the most part, electricity has been made relatively safe through a variety of safety features and standards designed to protect us. However, there are still some precautions we must take to avoid an electric shock. It is just as important we talk to children about the dangers of being electrocuted as well. An electrician in Santa Monica has a few tips for you as well as the young ones. If you would like to learn more about electric safety, give H Electric a call.

*Use extension cords sparingly and only when absolutely necessary. The cords are meant to be temporary and should never be a permanent solution. If you must use an extension cord, ensure it is designed for what you are using it for. Never overload the cord by plugging in additional extension cords or several appliances. Do not use an indoor cord outside either.

*Protect outlets with outlet covers to keep young children from poking anything in the holes. Instruct children that the outlets are dangerous and should never be played with.

*Any appliance that has a damaged cord should be tossed out or taken for repair. Never attempt to tape up the problem and use it anyways. This can result in a Santa Monica electrical fire or even electric shock.

*Any outlets that have black streaks around the outside or spark when something is plugged in require an electrician. Do not use the outlet. If it is smoking or you smell electric wires burning, immediately call an electrician.

*Consider having an electrician replace older outlets in the kitchen and bathroom with GFI outlets. These are much safer in areas where water is more prone to come into contact with an electric appliance.

Give H Electric a call today and have your GFI outlets installed.

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