Electrician Santa Monica – Why You Should Upgrade to Energy Star Appliances

The amount of electricity that we require on a day to day basis is at an all time high, due to a growth in both population and the advancement of technology. Because of this, we are more dependent on electricity to live in the manner that we are used to. Although this is a great thing, which has resulted in a handful of appliances that make our lives much easier, it also means that we contribute at a higher level to many environmental practices that can be harmful to the world that we live in. To counteract this, the US Government developed the Energy Star rating system to rate appliances according to their energy efficiency and usage. Whenever you decide that it is time to upgrade your appliance, H Electric recommends that you select appliances that are energy star rated so that you can both reduce your electric bills and lower your carbon footprint.

What Exactly Is Energy Star?

Regardless of whether you need the help of an electrician in Santa Monica to install your new appliance, or if you can just plug it in and get started, Energy Star ratings ensure that the equipment that you are using is energy efficient, high quality and built to last. To receive this rating, an appliance must meet a variety of different rules and regulations. Testing is done to determine where an appliance stands on performance and energy consumption against the current standards in these categories. The result of this is that you know that the energy star appliance that you purchase will be more efficient, durable and long-lasting than a similar appliance that is not rated.

Although the big-ticket items such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers are the main ones to look out for, you should also consider buying energy star rated LED Light bulbs and other small items. These items are tested in the same way, and can create a cumulative effect on your overall energy consumption. To learn more about energy star, or for assistance choosing and installing appliances, just give us a call.

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