Electrician Santa Monica – What Are Transfer Switches?

Chances are, you’ve done considerable amount of research when choosing a new generator for your home or business. Because this is such a large ticket item, it is only natural that you spend a reasonable amount of time exploring different options. Whenever this choice has been made, however, don’t forget that you have yet another choice to make. You must make the important choice of which transfer switch to install. The transfer switch will help you make a smooth transition from your traditional electricity source to generator power. Here are a few tips from your electrician in Santa Monica for choosing the right switch for your generator.

What Is a Transfer Switch?

Transfer switches come in both automatic and manual varieties. Its job is to redirect your electricity from your primary source to your backup power source. This type of switch is normally used for generators that are hardwired into a home or business.

Manual or Automatic?

The differences between manual and automatic are pretty basic. A manual switch requires someone to physically make the switch in order to change power sources. An automatic transfer switch does everything on its own, and does not require any intervention from the owner at all. Any time power is lost, an automatic transfer switch detects this power loss and switches you from standard to backup power.

Regardless of which type of transfer switch that you choose to install, it is important to employ the services of your local electrician Santa Monica to ensure that it is installed by properly and safely. An improperly installed switch can lead to both inefficient operation and even electrical safety hazards, depending on how it is installed. For the best results, always work directly with your local electrician. To learn more about installing a backup power generator, contact any of our technicians at H Electric at any time.

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