Electrician Santa Monica – Electricity Safety Tips for Kids

As a parent, you have so many different lessons to impart on your children. You want to help them grow from children into smart and well-informed adults. However, one of the most important lessons—that you may not immediately think of—is safety around electricity. Talk with any electrician in Santa Monica and he or she will tell you that electricity can be dangerous, when you do not take proper precautions. Instead of ignoring the danger, talk to your children about electricity and share these tips to help keep your whole family safe.

  1. Do not overload an outlet or power strip. This can cause annoying tripped circuit breakers and increases the chance of a fire.
  2. Keep extension cords and wires tucked away and out of reach of small children and pets.
  3. Do not climb on or around an electrical substation. These are normally fenced in or covered with warning signs—follow that advice!
  4. Unplug wires from the wall gently; do not yank them.
  5. Do not fly kites, radio controlled planes or other flying toys near power lines.
  6. Always ask a grown up for help if you have questions about electricity or you need to use an unfamiliar electronic device.
  7. Watch for power lines before climbing a tree. You do not want to accidently grab one while climbing.
  8. Keep electronic devices away from water. An electronic device that falls in water can cause a catastrophe.
  9. Do not touch downed power lines, even if they appear safe.
  10. Never stick anything into an electrical outlet.

These are just a few tips that can keep children safe around electricity. If you have further questions, call or contact the electrician Santa Monica residents trust—H Electric. These experts can not only repair electrical issues, but also alleviate any concerns about the electrical devices in and around your home and electricity in general.

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