Electric Cars Aided by Santa Monica Electrician

Every summer gas prices go up. We know it is going to happen, but when it does, it still stings. It seems like that extra $25 you were putting to the side every week vanishes as you end up putting more money into your gas tank. It is a vicious cycle, but you do have an option. You can invest in an electric car. However, an electric car will not do you a lot of good if it is never charged. If you are considering purchasing an electric car, you may also want to think about hiring a Santa Monica electrician to install a special outlet for a Level II electric car charger. The team at H Electric can help you with this.

You may have realized electric car chargers are not all the same. The standard charger that is often sold with an electric car is a Level I. This charger will charge your new electric car, but it will take about 24 hours to do that. If your car isn’t charged, you will need to rely on gas, which defeats the purpose of buying electric car in the first place. To be fair, the Level I is much less expensive than the Level II, which is often a major selling point.

However, for those who drive their cars five days a week or run a lot of errands and simply can’t leave their electric car on the charger for a full 24 hours, the faster charger is worth the extra cost. The Level II chargers require more electricity to charge and will need a 240-volt outlet, which will need to be installed by an electrician. Santa Monica homeowners can choose to have the outlet installed in a garage, carport or wherever the car will be parked. If you would like more information about the fast car chargers or have questions about the outlets, give H Electric a call today.

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