Arm Your Home with Surge Protector Installed by Santa Monica Electrician

Although the chances of lightning striking close enough to your home to actually cause a power surge is rare, it is possible. The type of power surge that can have a devastating effect on your electronic equipment is much more subtle and is not always noticed right away. Small fluctuations in the power supply to your home are much more dangerous to your expensive appliances. You may not immediately notice any issues, until the device quits working long before it should have.

Your Santa Monica electrician does have a solution to help guard your computers, video software and appliances against these small surges. A whole home surge protector is an option many homeowners are taking advantage of. H Electric has the knowledge and experience you can trust to take care of installing a surge protector for your home.

The unit is placed outside your home near the breaker panel. This prevents the surges whether it be a standard fluctuation or a lightning strike from entering your home and destroying your equipment. While these protective devices are very effective, when it comes to protecting things like your computers, televisions and expensive gaming consoles, you can never have too much protection.

An electrician in Santa Monica also recommends you use power strips with built in surge protection inside the home as well. This is another layer of defense you can add without the help of an electrician. You probably already use these surge protectors. Do not quit using them once you have your whole house surge protector installed.

You will want to discuss what size of protector you need. It is also a good idea to install surge protectors on your phone and cable lines to prevent damage from happening through those connections. If you are interested in learning more about protecting your home against unexpected power surges, give H Electric a call today.

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