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Because more and more homes have delicate electronics such as computers, stereos and home theatre systems, surge protectors have become very commonplace. Furthermore, many appliances now have special “smart” circuitry that is also very susceptible to power surges. Because of this, the less-publicized whole house surge protector is becoming more and more common in people’s homes. Rather than purchasing a surge protector for every device in your home, you should consider having a whole house surge protection system installed by an electrician in Santa Monica.
To start, you should understand the two different kinds of power surges. The most commonly talked about type of surge is a catastrophic power surge caused by lightning. Despite its popularity in conversation, this is not a very common event. A power line within one mile of your home would have to be struck by lightning for you to be affected. The types of surges that an electrician Santa Monica will warn you about are the smaller surges that you may not notice immediately. These small fluctuations in power can damage your appliances and electronic devices over time, greatly decreasing their lifespan. Electricians such as H Electric must repair GFI outlets, interior lighting and other electrical items because of these incremental surges every day.

Why You Should Get a Whole House Surge Protector

There are different ways that you can combat both catastrophic and small surges, but combining different types of surge protection is by far your best bet. Any electrician Santa Monica will recommend that you install a whole house surge protector to defend your entire home, while still using individual power strips for the devices that are particularly affected by power surges. You will have the whole house surge protection system to act as your first buffer against spikes in electricity. The surge protectors that you plug your computers, home theatres and other expensive electronics will help to make sure that they are not damaged in the event of a large surge. Under normal line conditions, surge protection systems both large and small allow power to flow normally. When there is exceptionally high voltage, they will stop the flow of power.

Installing a Whole House Surge Protection System

In most cases, installing a whole house surge protector is an easy job. These systems install right into, or next to your breaker panel. Talk with your electrician Santa Monica CA about how much protection you need, as well as the types of alerts and protections that your surge protection system will have. They can help you choose the system that is exactly the right size for you. Another important protective measure to take is to install surge protection onto your cable and phone lines. What many people don’t know is that high voltage can also enter your home through these lines. Your typically electrician in Santa Monica CA can have your whole house surge protection system installed in just a few hours. The exact length of the installation depends on the complexity of the system that you have chosen, and the state of your current electrical system.

Investing in a whole house surge protector can be a very smart and worthwhile thing to do. This relatively small sum can eventually save you from the enormous amount of replacement cost involved during a catastrophic power surge. It can also greatly extend the lifespan of all of your electronic devices, which can lower the frequency that you must replace them. This type of maintenance and protection is just as important as the other maintenance that you perform regularly on your home. Call H electric or another electrician in Santa Monica today to talk about whether or not installing a whole-house surge protection system is right for you.

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