3 Tips for Power Outages by Santa Monica Electrician

Have you experienced one of Mother Nature’s wild storms yet this summer? It can be exciting to watch lightning streak across the sky or listen to the rain pound down on the roof. However, sometimes, the weather proves to be a little too much for our power grids and we are left in the dark in the aftermath of a particularly violent storm. There are also plenty of accidents that can leave us without power for several hours while linemen work on restoring the power. What do you do in the meantime? A Santa Monica electrician has some tips to help you ride out a power outage with losing money to wasted food and damaged electronics. You can call H Electric to learn more.

1-The moment the power goes out, start unplugging your flat screen televisions, your gaming systems, computers and other appliances that have sensitive electrical components. When the power comes back on, it will surge into the house because of all the items that are plugged in demanding the electricity. This creates a spike that can damage some electronics. If you want to avoid these damaging power surges, consider having a whole-home surge protector installed by an electrician. Santa Monica residents can protect their electronics from surges that occur on a daily basis.

2-Let everybody in the house know the refrigerator and freezer need to be left closed for the time being. Opening the doors will allow the cool air to escape and your food will spoil. You can expect your refrigerator to keep your food cool for 4 hours and your freezer for 24 hours if the doors remain shut.

3-Report the outage to your electric company. Typically a hot line is set up that will provide you with information about how long the outage is expected to last.

If you have any more questions about how to deal with a power outage, give H Electric a call today.

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